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New Greenpeace vessel design by Dykstra Naval Architects


Following the success of the Greenpeace 58 meter sailing vessel "Rainbow Warrior III" GreenpeaceInternational has again teamed up with Dykstra Naval Architects for the groundbreaking design of a new 75m sailing vessel.

Dykstra Naval Architects partnered with LongitudeEngineering for the innovative system design and alternate fuels.

Greenpeace International has selected Freire Shipyard from Vigo, Spain for this ambitious project after an exhaustive tender process owing to their ability and commitment to meeting the highest technical, environmental, sustainability, and human rights standards. We expect the new ship to start campaigning for a better world in 2027.

At a time where the maritime industry is under increasing pressure to get its act together in terms of emissions reduction, the new ship will lead the way by showing how a smart combination of green technologies can power high seas shipping. With more than 2000 sqm of sails supporting energy regeneration on board, battery packs and solar panels, the new Greenpeace ship will optimally harness the power of the wind and the sun. It will also be equipped with innovative power systems that will allow us to use green hydrogen and e-methanol to cover the remaining energy demand.